The first anti aging fruits cream by Novessentia Food

Novessentia food has formulated the first anti aging fruits cream collection, rich in natural and organic antioxydants.

NOVESSENTIA Fruit Creams have 10% added agave syrup, no sucrose or its natural or chemical derivatives (white sugar). The content of sugar (fructose from agave syrup which is naturally present in the fruits) varies from one cream to another, although it never exceeds 25%, while in classic jams it varies from 40 to 60%.

We have to consider that there are fruits such as figs, persimmons and grapes that have a sugar content between 16 and 20% by their nature, which means that a 25% fruit cream practically only contains fruit sugar.

For example, the recommended consumption for breakfast is 25-30 grams of the product, which is 5-7 grams of sugar, making fruit creams ideal for low calorie diets.

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