PLASMA ENERGY is a medical cosmetic device for skin rejuvenation that revitalises the dermal tissue from deep within. PLASMA ENERGY is more advanced than any other skin rejuvenation treatment available and is already highly acclaimed amongst medical experts because it is simple to use, effective, safe and pain-free. PLASMA ENRGY promises rehydrated skin that is firmer and more radiant – wrinkles are reduced and dark spots banished. PLASMA ENERGY is a specialist skin treatment method for small, exposed areas like the face and hands.


  • PLASMA ENERGY a skin rejuvenation technique that dramatically improves the appearance of the skin regardless of age.
  • The treatment process involves a single 45-minute session; power levels and treatment times may vary, however, depending on the individual case, the thickness of the skin and patient sensitivity.
  • The treatment is simple and requires no anaesthetic, except for deeper interventions, when the doctor may apply a topical anaesthetic cream or lidocaine product.
  • The process of regeneration is activated at the initial treatment session but can only be fully appreciated a few weeks after the treatment.
  • Patients can return to their normal daily routine immediately after treatment. There are no significant side effects, although a slight reddening of the skin (hyperaemia), or a ‘bronzing’ effect, may occur – but will disappear within a few days.
  • A few days after the treatment the skin surface will be dramatically improved and wrinkles will be reduced. The effect of the plasma rehydrates the skin, improving its texture and restoring brightness and elasticity.
  • Clinical studies have shown that the neocollagenesis effect endures for more than a year after the treatment, ensuring long-lasting results.

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