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Nutrition & Detox - In cooperation with NOVESSENTIA

The Novessentia method was developed by a group of doctors specializing in various disciplines and with years of experience who have used their research and their experiences to create a unique and faultless protocol. We start from detoxification through a personalized diet that does not exclude the haute cuisine. The limitations are therefore quantitative but not qualitative. It all begins with a careful choice of excellent and mainly basic organic foodstuffs with which our seasonal menus are meticulously prepared.

The methods of production are simple and in full compliance with the health and conservation of the organoleptic features of the product. We favour steam cooking at a low temperature without any fats and any kind of cooking that can enhance the flavour contained in our products without adversely affecting their health-giving qualities.

Novessentia haute cuisine is based on the blood type, determining that certain foods are poison and other medicine. In the kitchen, using ingredients of excellent quality, possibly at zero distance and all the food is locally produced starting with the extraordinary jams with antioxidant functions and healing as well as food. our food increase the basal metabolic rate, accelerate the elimination of metabolic wastes and inducesatiety

A personalised detox path is being created for each customer, in order to identify the triggering factors of various deseases and consequently to prevent them. That’s why a stay at Novessentia always begins with a detailed evaluation of different parameters (toxinaemia, measuring heavy metals,study of BMR, analysis of lifestyle, diseases and medications, blood type) with which medical staff can optimize the treatment for each particular patient in order to achieve optimal.


NOVESSENTIA is a strategic partner of Genetica Medical Clinic: www.novessentia.it


The customers can chose out of a variety of packages, studied to satisfy every need. Starting from 4 days medical check up created especially for those who wish to obtain a full overview of their state of health and obtain professional advice to maintain their health or resolve any problems, to 6 days Weight Management medical program, created especially for whose who wish to reduce their weight under the control of a dietitian and have a programme they can follow at home to a simple 6 days Beauty package, created especially for those wishing to care for the beauty of their face and body with a healthy and balanced diet and cosmetic medicine treatments. We also offer  day spa as well as 2 and 3 days packages as well as made to measure programs for those who have special requirements, particular needs or our most demanding customers.