Minially Invasive Liposuction

In GENETICA MEDICAL CLINICS you will find the latest technology for body contouring and dissolution of fatty deposits and cellulite in different parts of the body. The method is useful for targeting small areas (such as the neck, chin or knee) and larger areas (abdomen, trochanter, arms, flanks…). With a minimum invasiveness, the ultrasound enhances the fat melting process while radio frequency stimulates the contraction of the collagen fibres, shrinking the skin layers and having a great lifting and firming effect.

  • Two actions at the same time: liposuction & tightening
  • Painless compared to conventional liposuction
  • Minimal bleeding and bruising
  • Shorter recovery time post surgery
  • Greater results on fibrosus tissue (cellulite and gynecomastia)

About the Author

Genetica Medical Clinic is an international organization who deliver high quality medical services. Being part of The Beauty Group International Holding Ltd, we are a Medical Management Consultancy