Hormone Normalization Therapy


Hormone Normalization Therapy starts with a thorough consultation followed by an in-depth questionnaire to be completed by you, and a saliva and/or blood test. Diagnostic evaluation and lab testing results will provide a scientific baseline analysis of your present state of health. Your doctor will then tailor-make a unique treatment to restore and balance your hormones to optimal levels.


Amongst the wide range of anti-aging medicines, Hormone Normalization Therapy is a natural therapy that can help support optimal hormonal balance. It works by using bio-identical hormones to reach the optimum balance of various hormones in your body – the levels of prime physical condition, so you will look and feel great. 


Anti-aging is not only a topic of interest for those in their 40s, 50s or 60s. Everyone needs to be aware of the importance of optimal hormone levels for continued health and vitality. The earlier you look into hormone balance, the better the quality of life you will enjoy.