Energetic Solutions for Stress Management

Studies show that the very nature of ‘change’ is stressful. Even ‘good’ changes or those we welcome create stress. Mind tools and energy consciousness provides the perfect balm, as they cleanse the body of accumulated stress, conscious and unconscious, boosting all aspects of health.

Modern Age Paradox

In an age of rapidly changing information, we are forcibly more dependant on our computers and need solutions that can help us stay healthy, sane, and vibrant. Ironically, the ancient wisdom of mind/body techniques provides the world’s best answer to modern problems.
“Creativity is more important than knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Information Overload

One of our biggest problems stems from ‘information overload’, as data tidal waves slam our ‘left-brains’ leaving our ‘right-brains’ in their wake. Of course, our left-brain is a powerful and important factor in our lives. It’s that part of our minds that is analytical, calculating, and categorizing the world around us. It’s a vital part of us because it helps us get things done, pay bills, build homes and make cars. Our right brain is being overridden by the left-brain in an effort to cope with the massive techno-wave in a rapidly changing techno-world.

Access Right Brain

Our right-brain is the feeling, smelling, sensing, and visualizing part of the mind. This is the part of the mind that smells the flowers, not to analyze the smell, but to be filled with its beauty. When we go to the cyber mall, for example, our right brain doesn’t get to play. The cyber mall is a wonderful thing that saves us time, money, and gas for our cars (and thereby saves the environment), but there are no smells of freshly baking apple pie in cyberspace or the warmth of sunlight streaming in through cyber-skylights. So, what can you do?

Release, Replenish, Rejuvenate You!

Get the best of both worlds! Miracle Mastery Mentoring™ and Corporate Stress Management Solutions are programs that teach a series of mind tools and energy consciousness techniques to balance the mind, body and spirit, teaching you to experience life with pleasure, thereby creating wellness in busy, hectic and stressful lives.

Learn Visualization Techiques

Learning the mind tools and practicing them turns on your right brain (the sensing and enjoying brain), allowing you to feel the texture of your computer keys while savouring the warm cup of herbal cinnamon spice tea and breathing in the awareness of the moment. Being present is the key to creating success and abundance in your life.

Increase Creativity, Happiness and Success

Releasing the grip of chronic stress and learning how to manage your stress overload in this information age opens your creativity and gives you an edge to long term success and happiness. Having a universe of information at your disposal is wasted if you are unable to use it effectively. Not to mention, life isn’t much fun then either!

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