Aesthetic & Beauty


GENETICA believes in quality medical health and offers the best and latest technology to keep you in top shape and looking younger and more beautiful. All the equipment we use offers excellent results, with decreased pain, less invasive surgery or milder side effects, and ensures results after the very first session. You can choose from a variety of treatments for your face, body and hair depending on your concerns, and our team of qualified doctors can help you tackle any issue that you may have.

Skin Complexion Analysis

With the help of the latest diagnosis machine, the doctors at GENETICA test the condition of your skin, to be able to work better and treat the patient to develop targeted skincare treatments. Patient are able see how different treatments will work on the skin, while this technology also enables you to see just how fantastic your skin will look post-treatment.

Skin Repair, Firming and Rejuvenation (RF)

Radio Frequency lifting is a completely new direction in the field of non-surgical face lift. It is a new intelligent solution for those who are not ready for more radical surgical methods of rejuvenation.

Cold Plasma System for skin regeneration (AGE JET)

Non-ablative aesthetics treatments are greatly used nowadays to combat various skin pathologies. Nevertheless, many medical professionals have noticed the result is not as satisfying as with ablative methods.

However, ablative methods often pose certain complications on skin types Fitzpatrick 3-5, such as rebound hyperpigmentation, which is, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence among the Asian population. Another limitation of ablative aesthetic treatments is also encountered in treating the eye contour area.

An innovative technology, Plasma Energy, has been studied recently and clinically proven by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to provide a possible solution, with dramatic results within a relatively short time. It offers results similar to invasive methods while overcoming the disadvantages of ablative methods in skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction, giving great improvement in the once “hard to work with” eye contour area. It is especially effective for tightening the skin on eyelids, and with acne scars and pigmentation.

The use of Plasma Energy has also been studied on the neck-line, limbs, chest and abdomen, as well as on stretch marks (striae).

This remarkable non-invasive technology is neither light based nor ultrasound based. It is energy emitted from a very narrow quartz cylinder after nitrogen gas has been bombarded by microwaves within a handpiece. It changes the gas to plasma energy and it is this energy which does the work, creating a dual zone thermal implication, with a superficial zone of thermal damage and a deeper zone of thermal modification, yet leaving the epidermis intact as a form of natural dressing.

The use of Plasma Energy in Aesthetics medicine could possibly become a new popular modality for anti aging treatment for all skin types, bypassing some of the usual complications of ablative methods.

Chemical Peels:

Our Chemical peelings lead to a synthesis of collagen to restore skin appearance and alignment, which helps to improve the colour, texture, elasticity and tone of the skin.

3D Threads Face Lifting

It is an innovative technology for young skin that gives a visible lifting effect and deep hydration of the skin. This new method is fighting wrinkles and loose skin. Just after the first session you will have incredible results for 2-3 years.

Botox and Fillers

Keep your skin looking young and supple with the variety of top-notch fillers and botox options available at GENETICA MEDICAL CLINICS. We offer Hyaluron Fillers, the best in the market, which make your skin look soft and supple as they add shine and volume and can be used for lip enhancement as well.  You can also opt for biorevitalization, which not only makes your skin instantly youthful, but penetrates deeper to slow down the ageing process.

Body Slimming and Shaping Services

GENETICA helps you to contour and shape your body so you can achieve your dream figure using the latest technology and the best equipment from Europe and the USA. You can see quick results without having to deal with any pain or side effects. Here is a glimpse of the body slimming treatments available at GENETICA.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Lipolisis ( Cavitation+RF)

A revolutionary treatment with the effect of  liposuction without surgery. This treatment helps to reduce cellulite and change the body shape, while not damaging the skin surface. You can take 3 cm off  your size after just one session, without the need for rehabilitation.

Mini-invasive liposuction (URAL technology)

A procedure that breaks up and “sucks” fat from various possible parts of the body, most commonly the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and backs of the arms, calves, and back. The fat is removed through a hollow instrument out of the body, by a new method that involves no pain, no hospital stay and provides long-lasting results.

Advantage Body Contouring(Deros Multitech)

Body Contour & Shaping Treatment:  a non-invasive procedure, this Italian technology uses infrared, radiofrequency, vacuum and lymphatic drainage to help contour the body. You do not need any downtime for this, and it can even be done during your lunch break, plus you will see the results instantly.

Body Skin Tightening and Collagen Stimulation (RF):

This Italian technology offers a non-invasive, pain-free body treatment to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, fix hanging skin, boost collagen production and tackle any pesky fatty deposits that won’t budge with exercise.

Body Detoxification ( Colon Hydro Therapy)

A process that involves a gentle cleansing of the colon, it takes only 45 minutes, is pain free, and flushes out all the toxic elements from the intestines. Not only does this process help accelerate weight loss, it also helps speed up the patient’s bowel movements.

Lasers treatments Services

GENETICA offers a variety of laser therapies to its patients. We use only the latest laser technologies from Europe and the USA to ensure the treatments are safe, effective and with minimal discomfort. Our laser therapies offer a range of solutions for everyone, men and women, for a vast variety of aesthetic concerns.

Face and Body Hair Reduction

GENETICA uses a gold standard Italian laser machine that combines two advanced laser technologies — Alexandrite 755 nm and ND:YAG 1064, to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and permanent hair reduction of all hair types in all skin colors. The procedure is comfortable and pain-free due to our high quality external cooling device, which calms the skin.

We are pleased to offer the mixed technologies of  Alexadrite & Nd Yag, two in one. The advantage of combined technologies is maximized effectiveness with minimized side effects.

Face and Body Anti-aging -
Skin Resurfacing (Fractional Random Technology)

For non-invasive skin correction solutions, come to GENETICA, which has brought in the latest technology Italian laser machine, which is one of a kind in the world. This unique laser with advanced diode fractional laser technology gives the patient outstanding results without limitations and with minimal downtime. Instead of the usual downtime post CO2 laser skin resurfacing, you will get the same benefit within just 2 recovery days. Just in one session, we provide remarkable rejuvenation results, such as improving facial lines and wrinkles, as well as firming by collagen growth.

Face and Body Vascular Lesions Treatment

Using the world’s very first vascular laser with a built-in video camera, GENETICA can help cure various vascular lesions ( Spider veins blue and red, Hemangioma, Telangiectasia, Cuperosis).

The video camera helps both our doctors and patients ensure that the right area is being treated effectively and safely, with no damage to the surrounding tissues.

Scars Reduction (Fractional Random Technology):

You can regain your lost confidence at GENETICA, as we can dramatically improve the appearance of scars of any kind, raised or deep (post acne scars or injury, surgical scars).

Stretch Marks Cure (Fractional Random Technology):

Have you lost weight or been pregnant? Come to GENETICA to get back in shape! You can have all your stretch marks treated with our newest laser device!