About Us

The Group

Genetica Medical Clinic is an international organization that delivers high quality medical services. We are a Medical Management Consultancy that provides the highest expression of individual health through the widespread adoption of anti-aging, functional and aesthetic medicine as the standard of care. We believe good health and vitality are essential for the human spirit

Mission & Values

At Genetica we work for the patients. Our mission is to provide leading-edge medicine and services designed to enhance longevity and quality of life. Genetica Medical Clinic is a worldwide medical organization that works exclusively for the benefit and well-being of our patients.
  • Use the latest in medical technology to slow, and often reverse, many of the changes you once thought inevitable
  • Enhance your strength, endurance, and sense of well-being in everyday life
  • Measure your bio-markers to find out where you are in your personal aging odyssey
  • Take advantage of the latest discoveries in diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to slow the aging process
  • Take advantage of lifestyle and supplement programs specifically designed to lower your risk of cronic diseases and pathologies